‘Pothuvil to Polikandy – P2P’ Tamils initiative

“We need to admit the fact this country consists of many ethnic and religious communities and as such for unity of the country, it is best to leave that belongs to them to themselves!” – A Buddhist Monk.

Sri Lanka commonly known as “A Country of 2 Nations”, with Tamils who are a nation on their own, who have since independence in 1948 demanded over seven decades, that the country be governed by a federal constitution to rule their territories.

With their mind set to achieve self-rule staged in the Northeastern region of the country, many non- violent struggles. However, the rulers made of majority community rejected this demand and began suppressing the Tamil-speaking minorities, denying them in stages their basic rights. This resulted in countless revolts against the state that developed into a full scale bloody cruel civil-war, lasting over three decades.

As the state was unable to win the war, it managed to silence the guns of the revolting Tamils, with lot of assistance from friendly nations. That was achieved in 2009, with considerable loss of civilians life and heavy damage of infrastructure in the North region to end the civil-war.

After the civil-war ended as rulers the majority of whom were Buddhists, following the teachings of Lord Buddha should have gone for a reconciliation programme to rebuild the lives of the Tamils in North, left shuttered by the cruel bloody war.

Instead the rulers continued with their discriminatory rule for over a decade, concentrating to reconstruct the damaged infrastructures in the past war zones.

The Tamils in the North, due to lives lost in the conflict, internal & external displacements were reduced to half the pre-war numbers. They are now continuing their struggle without taking to arms by returning to non-violent means.

Unfortunately, they are not united for many are still in disarray and unable to join the rest as they are struggling to make ends meet after the long civil-war.

The recently concluded ‘Pothuvil to Polikandy, (P2P)’ initiative in the Northeastern region by students, civil movements and the Tamil-speaking National political parties demonstrated that Northeastern Tamil speaking people are ready to work together for a country of two nations.

In this scenario, it is sad Tamils are denied of rights and as such the rulers should leave what belongs to the Tamils and other minorities to themselves. The ball is now very much with the majority community rulers, to think out of box to workout an all inclusive approach inorder to accommodate all minorities, to enable the island nation to regain its lost status of ‘Paradise in the Indian Ocean’.