Sri Lankan Tamils left chasing peace mirage!

Great leader Nelson Mandela saying is so true about independent Lanka!

Sri Lankan government has allowed access into the Indian Ocean to China, making it very uncomfortable for our big neighbour India. This is a diplomatic weakness that will cause enough problems in the future to the Sri Lankan people.

As this situation places the country in permanent violation of the solidarity of southeastern nations. India as the big brotherly country in the Indian Ocean, has expressed its concern over this unwise decision taken by its little brotherly neighbour to fill it’s small till with China currency.

It was in this scenario that many civil groups of the minority Tamils in Sri Lanka came together during a protest march against the injustices committed by the State on their people. The protest march was from Pothuvil in the east to Polikandy in the north.

Many diverse peoples of Sri Lankan minorities forged a rare unity in this nationwide mass protest one of the biggest seen since the out break of the COVID-19 pandemic an year ago.

The march has brought home the message of the decade long bitter disappointment felt by millions of Tamil ethnic people over the failure of the governments to do anything to resolve issues and enhance their rights, in spite of bringing the civil-war to an end in 2009.

Even though Sri Lanka’s democratic leaders showed weak regard to ethnic groups’ demands for autonomy and social justice based on the 1987 Indo-Lanka Accord; with India insisting on full implementation of the 13th Amendment to the Constitution, that resulted from its Accord.

Life goes on normal in Colombo with Sri Lanka inaugurating the Secretariat for Trilateral National Security Advisors on Maritime Security Cooperation between India, Maldives. With the Sinhala chauvinist rulers, still believing that India would act on the side of Sri Lanka at the UNHRC March gathering, to enable it to resolve Sri Lanka’s ethnic issues arbitrarily. While the minorities left to continue with their struggle, chasing the mirage of peace.