Sri Lanka agree to disagree with UNHRC

A fear exist that the country may get bankrupt, a possibility still not ruled out.

Sri Lankan Tamils directly affected in the civil-war, without any resolutions of the ethnic and related issues are disappointed with the the zero report issued by the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) on Sri Lanka as it is on a never ending saga, with the Sri Lankan government already rejecting the report.

While, the Tamil nationalist political parties representatives continue expressing their concerns over the government’s attitude to settle these issues.

In addition, new issues of other minority communities surfaced. First was on minimum wages for estate workers, who are predominantly Tamils and the other refusals by the state to bury their relatives who died after contacting the coronavirus, that has impacted the Muslims.

Last month they joined the Tamil civil groups emotional protest march on persistent decade long negative peace faced by the minority Tamils in the country.

Although majority Sinhala Buddhist community leaders have by their own devious means elevated themselves to current dominance status in government, it does not give them any right to treat the minority communities in an inhumane way.

Whereas, the majority community would have in due course, reached this status without any fuss, had they simply followed democratic principles since 1948, the year locals were given the power to rule the country.

Further, it would have also kept the two nations united together, avoided the cruel bloody civil-war and the country would have prospered further to greater heights.

Whereas, now to fulfill the needs of the people of both nations, rulers needs first to handle problems of the minority people. All this happened, because of self interest and mistrust of each other among the political parties. As the result the country that was a top nation in asia at the time of independence in 1948 has since deteriorated to a divided country of two nations that has gone bankrupt.

In this scenario today, many civil rights groups are concerned, that the situation is deteriorating on a daily basis in the country. Perhaps people are misled by the events, as the government acts prudently getting its own small till filled with the little help received from China. That led to a misconception that the country will never go bankrupt, but the possibility cannot be ruled out.