All Lankans must move on with a fresh mind!

Dream the impossible to regain lost pre colonial era is like chasing a mirage!

In Sri Lanka, after the civil-war was brought to finish, Buddhist Sinhala leaders as the rulers of the major community, want to retain the dominant role, at the expense of all the minority communities deprived of fundamental rights.

On the other side of the coin the grived Tamil speaking minorities are protesting to regain their lost rights. More so the Tamils, who also dream of regaining their lost position that existed 500 years back, prior to colonial rule.

As the result rulers are unable to motivate the ruled to coalesce into an efficient workforce to drive the economy of the country battered by three decades of civil-war, followed by a decade of negative peace brought about by the state.

This has left the ordinary poor civilians in all corners of the island nation of multi ethnic and religious communities into a prolonged suffering, especially the Tamils, whose war related issues are still left unresolved by the state.

Whereas in Sri Lanka, the political leadership of both ethnic communities should act wise to accept the reality of today and move on with a fresh mind for an undivided one country of two nations.

It is in this scenario, that all the civil society groups of Tamils in Sri Lanka have called on the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) to seek the help of other international organizations and resolve all issues and to reinstate their lost human rights.