Maha Shivarathri inner engineering!

“Om Namah Shivaya”

Maha Shivarathri is observed as a religious day from ancient times by Hindus, is a Public Holiday in Sri Lanka. On this sacred day the Hindu Devotees throughout the island will hold vigil staying up all-night in observing and worshiping Lord Shiva, as it is a special worship day devoted to Him.

Devotees will be blessed with an abundance of positive results and all sins committed in previous births would be destroyed with the roots after a day of worshiping and a night of vigil.

A day that would test piousness, focus and self-control: observing vigil all-night and avert having a nap when it has dawned, as that would defeat the purpose of staying up all-night.

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Shivarathiri comes every month and the one that occurs in March is special, called Maha Shivarathri, inner engineering of it is well explained in the attached video.