Sri Lankans rulers must grab opportunity to unite two nations!

Sri Lanka, a country of two nations!

Today, no matter many words they read on the newspapers as being said by the rulers, however many they may speak on the media, as far as the grieved Sri Lankan minorities are concerned what good will it all do, especially to the affected Tamils, if the government does not act on upon them.

Yes, this has been the sad state of affairs these people have been facing since the civil-war was brought to finish in 2009. That was followed by a decade of negative peace. Worst still the present government by the majority for the majority nation has alienated and denied the rights of minorities, who form the other nation.

In this scenario, time is ripe to make a real change; and as the friendly neighbour India, has made their intentions clear to the leaders of the majority government, on what needs to be done for the minorities. All Sri Lankans hope that the rulers will grab this opportunity to unite this country of two nations.