Sri Lanka to resolve both cause and effects of its ethnic conflict!

Does the Sri Lankan government know what the people expect from them?

If Sri Lanka’s new political system is to lead the country to greater decentralization of internal self-determination, then a state supremacy over the present province is possible.

The country needs two separate state parliaments in addition to the existing; one for the Northeastern State and the second State for the rest of the country.

In this scenario, the chauvinist rulers, after the civil war have continued with their misguided attitude towards the Tamils; remain unaware of any need to introduce changes to overcome the root cause of the conflict that led to the bloody civil-war.

Bitter truth is the rulers are trying to reduce the powers already granted to the Tamils by the Provincial Council system. It would only lead to further discriminations between communities.

Further despite repeated pressure from the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) over the past decade, Sri Lanka’s chauvinist rulers have failed to address the effects of both the country’s war crimes and accountability issues.

This time many countries are preparing to bring a new draft resolution against Sri Lanka in the assembly session. As far as these countries are concerned, only if they win over the council, can they send a clear message to Sri Lanka through the resolution. Thus the draft of the new resolution is being cut and polished almost to the last minute.

The major concern for the Tamils at this hour of need is over the lack of coordination of efforts between the stakeholders. While the civil groups involved are working to bring all under a common agenda to ensure their efforts are not being violated or wasted. It cannot be said of their Tamil Nationalist representatives!

In this scenario, for Sri Lankan government, it is the dream of the patriarchs to defeat the new resolution at the forthcoming UNHRC assembly. While friendly neighbour India has made its intentions clear to Sri Lanka, for time is ripe to bring about a change and end this never ending conflict, that has destroyed the economy of Sri Lanka, that was a paradise of the Indian Ocean.