UNHRC Resolution 46/1, the sixth on Sri Lanka!

No consolation for the grieved Tamils!

On United Nations Human Rights Council Resolution No.46/1, the sixth in a decade on Sri Lanka, the minority Tamils in the island nation will find no consolation in Geneva. Therefore realistically the Tamils need to focus on the next crisis, that is sure to loom their way sooner than later.

Because irrespective of what happens in Geneva all the issues of the Tamils will remain buried, as the rulers have no intention of exhuming anything. Be it is on accountability for war crimes or missing persons, nothing will change no matter which way the annual window dressing unfolds on 23 March in Geneva.

Whether or not the resolution is passed in Geneva on the Sri Lankan regime, it will not in itself much affect the lives of ordinary citizens. If at all sanctions are applied, it will probably be against prominent personnel on the rulers, than on the ruled in the country. Further, any hard sanctions that will hurt the whole country such as withdrawal of GSP+ or a trade embargo will not materialise.

In this scenario, after end of March, the regime will heave a sigh of relief and get back to their normal pattern of events as they have done on five occasions in the past decade.