Practice real Buddhist Dharma!

Today in the international arena, the Sri Lankan rulers have proved their incapability to sustain the ‘National Sovereignty’ in the hands of the same friendly nations, who in 2009 helped the rulers to regain lost territories in their soil, by silencing the guns to end the civil-war, that distroyed life of the ruled, especially the Tamil minorities discriminated by the state, revolting against it for over three decades.

Sadly, though the civil-war was brought to finish over a decade, the grievances leading to the conflict were still left unresolved. That has necessitated interference from friendly nations, placing the national sovereignty of the land again at risk!

The Sri Lankan rulers must realise the tighter the domestic repression of minorities gets, the tighter the international legal noose will get. The friendly nations that helped to end the civil-war came back in 2015 with a wind of change, but the rulers failed to capitalise on the opportunity. This time through UNHRC, United Nations Human Rights Council the friendly nations have given the Sri Lankan rulers to put their acts together to protect the ruled and the country.

In this scenario, the Sri Lankan rulers, who insist on projecting the country as a Buddhist nation, must realise it will be easy for the ruled, especially it would make life easy for other religious communities to work with the rulers if they practice real Buddhist Dharma. For this to happen first the rulers must practice Buddhism as preached by Lord Buddha. For as Lord Buddha said “no matter how hard the past, you can always begin again!”. If they did this, the country would be united and the friendly nations will not intervene in the internal affairs, as claimed by the rulers of Sri Lanka.