Practice your religion to secure a good future for Sri Lanka!

With four great religions of the world practiced in Sri Lanka, the people are stuck not knowing how to protect themselves from the impact of coronavirus pandemic. As they are not well aware of their environment and it’s needs on their lives.

Hinduism, the oldest religion practiced is not a religion, but a way of life and ‘Siva Puranam’ explains the process of environment is intertwined in every event, from grass to man. It not only sets the pattern for living when it is inappropriate, but also declares the norms to be understood after one’s death. As humans, we know that the world would be a heaven if we live according to teachings of our faith.

Regrettably, if we examine the reports of deforestation, pollution of drinking water and air pollution, etc., in Sri Lanka. We know they were all man-made and caused due to negligence of human. The main reason is most people are either completely ignorant of their religious teachings or have failed to follow what they knew.

Whereas, in all religions people are today only interested in conducting grand ceremonies in their places of worship, to out smart the other. As the result, we find that younger generations are not interested in the teachings or philosophies of their religion, only occupied with festivities. They all justify their actions by putting forward different reasons or just plead ignorance.

Bitter truth is it is these religious ignorance and lack of respect for others that has led to conflict not only within one religious followers, but also with other religious groups.

As the result, people have seen many setbacks in our country and today also know that people are facing a massive domestic crisis. The government is thus in a weak position, as the rulers repeatedly met with intervention from foreign countries.

The main reason for this is their ignorance, for successive rulers were completely unaware or failed to follow what little they knew of their Buddhist teachings.

Change is the eternal Law of Universe, thus only if situation changes, the democracy will flourish in this country. Possible if people elect good people’s representatives who follow the teachings of their own religion. Therefore Sri Lankans should cast their votes only to quality candidates picked from those who contest in the upcoming Provincial Council elections. That will set the pattern for a good future rule in Sri Lanka!