Fragile nature of Sri Lankan politics!

The 2019 Presidential Election was called for with most of the corrupt parliamentarians continuing with infighting right up to the polling day. Thus the people opted away from electing their President from these corrupt politicians. Instead they opted to vote in an administrator as their new President. The new President promptly dissolved the parliament and led the country for fresh elections.

Earlier, a civil-war itself was forced on the people by the state due to the failure of the past politicians to resolve issues within the walls of the House of Representatives, the parliament. Regrettably, many failed politicians returned to parliament as people representatives.

Expectations were high that the new President will stop the country from going backwards, unfortunately, people failed to pick good quality representatives. While the country is heavily in debts is sinking further in debts.

In this scenario, the Sri Lankan government is sailing in deep waters, unable to sail ashore to safety. This attitude of digging their own graves, will only change, if all politicians of different ethnicities and religions in parliament, shed their differences, and bury their past mistrust. The incident at Jaffna Municipality, where the Jaffna Mayor, was arrested and later released on bail; has exposed today’s fragile nature of politics in the country!