Sri Lanka to stop using chemical fertilizers!

Sri Lankan farmers to return to use organic manure in agriculture!

While the world observed Earth Day, in our little island nation, Sri Lanka; fact remains that pollution of many rivers, ponds, and ground water in the country does not compensate for the damage to life and the profits made by the use of chemical fertilizers in agriculture.

Health officials point out that the impact of chemical fertilizers has led to many infectious diseases, that include kidney disease. While the cost of treatment and the impact on lives is high on the population.

It is the duty of the government to help guarantee people’s right to non-toxic food to create a healthier and more productive citizen. Thus the farmers of the country will have to get used to the use of organic manure, if any action by the state, to stop use chemical fertilizers. In addition, all parties should focus on increasing the production of organic manure in the country.

The government plans to provide organic manure in lieu of fertilizer subsidy; And the government’s position is that the people should realize that the $ 400 million spent annually on fertilizer imports can be used to improve people’s lives.

It is further noticed that scientists have discovered a new type of bio-fertilizer; their experiments have shown that this can greatly reduce the use of chemical fertilizers in tea making.

Under this scenario, and since lives of people are so precious, the citizens would welcome the Government engaging in the task of protecting our planet earth, in particular this little island nation, by completely stop import of high yielding chemical fertilizers for use by the farmers country wide!