Sri Lankan parliament without purpose, time is ripe to change it!

The situation was well reflected by the Tamil National Alliance member of parliament, Rasamanikkam Chanakiyan, who did not munch his words to register strong condemnation on the behaviour of some members of the ruling party, who disrupted his speech in parliament.

The Parliament of Sri Lanka has become a useless institution today, as such the minorities in the country are being pushed to the point where they realise the parliamentary system has lost its purpose and at times resemble sewage gutters of an overcrowded city.

The main reason for this is that, over the years, many selfish politicians have turned parliament into an ineffective body. It is necessary to transform the present overcrowded Parliament, back to a useful institution as it was at the time of independence.

Unfortunately, any efforts are not tolerated by many of today’s selfish politicians in parliament, who prevent any steps being taken for such changes. As most politicians are currupt; including the representatives of all minority population are ever ready to prevent any action to make changes.

In this scenario, there is a need to replace these currupt people out of politics. There is no better way to make the change, than for people to select the right candidate at the next General Election, for a reduced number of representatives. This with revised Provincial Council system in operation would share the rule between centre and the nine provinces.