Tamil-Speaking Representatives to Think Out of Box!

Tamil-speaking representatives must get off the fence to rebuild the country!

It is a fact that elites, who ruled independent Sri Lanka considered themselves weak; that forced them to commit many sins on the people they ruled. On that day in 1947 to retain their rule, they deprived the Tamils ​​living on the hills of their citizenship. As well as defending their rule, the implementation of the incomplete provincial council system in 1987 has had a profound effect on the Tamil-speaking people of the Northeast and has seen the country’s economic growth deepen.

Thus, the Tamil nationalist in the country have long made it clear that as human beings, they intend to live in a world of separation from others.But the message that the corona virus delivers to humans is that we can no longer continue this lifestyle. So as human beings we have to change this situation to survive ….

In this scenario, we learn that the new bill for Colombo Port City is to be discussed in Parliament as a matter of urgency. Whereas, we all know that it requires a lot of improvement. While there are many, who oppose the rulers are in a mood to only oppose it altogether.
For we know only too well, that in Sri Lanka, it is common for people’s organizations to oppose whatever governments start.It is a matter of concern that a decade after the launch of the massive Port City project, Tamil-speaking politicians are unaware of its impact and remain silent, despite growing opposition to it.

In this context, the Tamil-speaking people expect a new out of the box approach from their Tamil-speaking parliamentarians. Therefore, it is imperative that they take appropriate action on the new Colombo Port City bill, must be made in favor of the country to bring about the much needed economic growth through this massive project!