Religious-phobia and Sri Lanka!

Resolve by safegurding the liberals, from the fanatics and extremists from all communities in Sri Lankan politics!

With modern technology, the world we live made of many communities following different faiths, have got smaller. Consequently, many new problems are caused by ignorance of other’s faith. The need exists to explain this to these communities to unite humanity; perhaps is best done by responsible community leaders.

The Pakistan Prime Minister, Imran Ahmed Khan explains to a gathering of Islamic leaders, on what has gone wrong and on what needs to be done. Khan’s proclaimed political platform and declarations include Islamic values, to which he rededicated himself in the 1990s; liberal economics, with the promise of deregulating the economy and creating a welfare state; decreased bureaucracy and the implementation of anti-corruption laws, to create and ensure a clean government; the establishment of an independent judiciary; overhaul of the country’s police system; and an anti-militant vision for a democratic Pakistan.

In the vedio, referred to in; the learned leader Iman Khan speaks of pain in his heart, is far greater than the physical pain; where the western world categorize Islam as a terrorist religion. That it has over the years widened the gap between these communities; while a small percentage in these communities use it for their political gains. But, he stressed that no religion has anything to do with terrorism.

The Pakistani Prime Minister, has taken the trouble to explain the situation well to some Islamic leaders and told them what needs to be done to improve the situation for a better world. As this applies to communities of all faiths; would be beneficial to world mankind, if all world leaders follow this educated leader’s advice.

For the ruled in Sri Lanka knows only too well, how marginalisation has led to radicalisation among the different faiths. With rulers unable to know a radicalist among moderates and its implications on the people. Though majority of Sinhalese are liberals, there are some fanatics and extremists, enough to cause many uprisings and a bloody cruel civil-war, that has broken the foundation of unity among communities, to say the least! In this scenario our Sri Lankan political leaders, in particular the rulers should, phase to review where they are leading the country; and review what is told by this educated leader on faithphobia in the world!