Lankans must control the Corona pandemic!

At present, with the authorities publishing daily statistics of Covid; the health authorities are pushed to the limit coping with the pandemic. On the other side there are many geo-political issues in the country for the rulers to deal with China on one side, India and the United States on the other side. The Port City Colombo, a project that is part of the China’s Belt and Road Initiative caused concern to spread colony phobia that country will soon become a Chinese colony.

Whereas the Colombo port city is a special financial zone being built butting to Colombo City, mostly on land reclaimed from the sea; calling it the next Dubai and is being touted as a city from the future.

On the one hand, there is a fear among many Sri Lankan people that their motherland has fallen into a debt trap with China and the other is that the country will be influenced by other countries. Because, China is getting closer to Sri Lanka, the Asian and international communities have begun to pay attention to Sri Lanka.

With Sri Lankan rulers having many chips in their frying pan; credit should go to the authorities for maintaining the momentum on exports, while coping with the coronavirus pandemic.

In this scenario, the ruled citizens of the country should get their priorities right and shed their differences, observe lockdown and other conditions imposed in the coming days. As keeping Corona under control is as important as securing the country!