Blissful Lord Shiva dancing…

….and the down trodden in Sri Lanka!

When the serpent comfortably wrapped round the neck of Lord Shiva, looked down at Garuda trampled under the feet of the Lord asked him “Garuda, how are you?”. Guruda, promptly replied “Everything is comfortable if anyone is where they are”.

Today we see that it makes a lot of sense, for while everyone in all cases must adhere to the Corona Prevention Health Regulations to prevent further increase in corona deaths; people have to stay at home while travel restrictions are in place.

Bitter truth is that in today’s world not all people can accept that; for there are many economically down trodden people in the country, like Guruda at the feet of Lord Shiva.

It is no exaggeration to say that this is the realistic position of the ruled in the country; and for their sake, the authorities must expedite vaccination process to protect the public from the Corona pandemic!