Humanitarian gesture needed from Rulers!

Our religious teachings tells us that a negative or unethical behavior would result in negative consequences, is described as bad karma. Any bad karma that applies to all, be it the ruler or the ruled, earned from acts of omissions gets accumulated over time to end up with consequences on the communities and the country as a whole.

New Zealand ruler sets an example for others!

In any civilisation, acts of omissions by a citize is unforgivable, for it is a moral obligation than legal duty to fellow citizens. The failure to do so is considered as negative or unethical behavior. This has been the cause of all miserie for the ethnic minorities battered by the long drawn conflict and the economic minorities during shutdown caused by the Corona pandemic in Sri Lanka.

In this scenario, we Sri Lankans should appreciate the action taken by the New Zealand Prime Minister and her cabinet. They have opted to take a 20,% pay cut to reduce the gap between those who are struggling due to loss of their earnings and others who haven’t lost their earnings able to with the Corona pandemic. Perhaps this humanitarian gesture from New Zealand leader, will awaken rulers of other nations to do the same!