Past rulers’ religious ignorance leads the paradise island Sri Lanka to rack and ruin!

Rulers’ religious ignorance leads the paradise Sri Lanka to rack and ruin!

Buddhism has had a positive impact on the progress of China; yet it has taken Sri Lanka in the opposite direction is an interesting contradiction. But not so to the ruled as, they know it was due to the past rulers’ religious ignorance, that has led Sri Lanka to rack and ruin!

In fact, Theravada and the Mahayana are two major schools of Buddhism; they agree upon and practice the core teachings of the Buddha’s Dharma. In fact, they are different expressions of the same teaching of the historical Buddha.

While Mahayana Buddhism of China, united the Chinese people into a community of Buddhists. This integration helped the Chinese to cope with both war and wartime.

On the contrary, in Sri Lanka the past chauvinist politicians converted to Theravada Buddhism for their political convenience and promoted Buddhism to establish their rule.

As a result, the island’s 20% of the population’s minority communities were isolated, and the brutal war that lasted for decades ended in mass casualties and ended without a solution. So not only did our country lose its unity, but all the minority communities eventually suffered huge losses.

Bitter truth is it is not Buddhism or other religions that are the cause of the current situation in our country; On the contrary, it would not be an exaggeration to say that it was our failure to follow religions properly is the cause of decline of our society. Thus sooner it is rectified the best for the Nation as a whole!