Why do Sri Lankans view China’s actions in the wrong light today?

Put country before self and all will fall in place to rebuild the lost paradise!

The world knows that the Chinese Revolution had to face a broken state, a ruined economy, and a society in deep turmoil. In 1949, the population of China lived three years less than the world average. That situation has changed, and China, with a population of 1.4 billion, has lifted 853 million Chinese out of poverty since 1981 by large-scale Chinese Communist Party and Chinese state intervention.

The world knows the bitter reality that during the period when China protected itself from destruction, Sri Lanka, then called Ceylon was a paradise in turmoil. The Sri Lankan communities faced many atrocities for decades and suffered many losses. And the destruction of the economy stunt the country’s growth. Thus, in 2009, when the Sri Lankan rulers were unable to defend the country; China intervened, claiming that it was helping Sri Lanka.

In this scenario, today China is reaping the benefits. Thus Sri Lankan rulers and the ruled must, as patriots help without exhibiting racial or religious differences to rescue the country with all its people from this pathadic situation!