Emerging leaders need to reunite mother Lanka!

A snowball effect of marginalisation that first led to radicalisation, while discrimination led to extremism all such ills needs to be eradicated from the land!

The reality is that it is the educated who are unwilling to learn lessons from history are the real illiterates, than those who cannot read or write! For we know, it was the past educated leaders in Sri Lanka, who refused to learn from history. It was their marginalisation that first led us to radicalisation, while its their discrimination that led to extremism.

Whereas, Sri Lankans throughout the island were known for their gentle and caring nature; yet there were some segments being transformed by a feeling of rejection. Sadly, as the leaders of Sri Lanka were contented in exploiting it to their political gains, they neither had the wisdom nor the will to recognise this ominous transformation and arrest in its infancy.

In this scenario, the emerging generations of leaders on either side of the ethnic divide with their entire life ahead of them needs with integrity and sincerity act honourably to reunite our little nation that was divided by ethnicity and religion by past educated veteran leaders for their own benefits!