Sri Lanka loss was to British gain!

In 1948, Sri Lanka at the time of independence, then called Ceylon was regarded as the ‘Granary of the East, with huge potential, we had a beautiful horizon ahead of us and a highway leading to it, and all we needed was to traverse that highway and follow the rules. Tragically many in the driving seats of power had their ego as their companion and turned to exits that were unnecessary and completely lost their way with devastating consequences.

The bitter truth is today we face all the consequences war brings and we have had many posts; but the brain drain caused by the bitter cruel civil-war of three decades. It caused mass exodus from the island nation that was once a paradise. Many countries accommodated fleeing Sri Lankan and one was none other than our colonial masters the British. Today, many of these former Sri Lankan citizens have naturalized themselves as British and are making a valuable contributions to their adopted country. In recognition of their valuable services the British government has rewarded them with awards.

Regrettably, the paradise was lost when things were easy, now that things are difficult with challenges it’s going to be even more difficult to rebuild the nation! In this scenario, sad to say Sri Lanka loss was indeed British gain, it is the same in most other countries that welcomed Sri Lankan refugees!