Ethnic conflict is root of all ills in Sri Lanka was caused by generations of Dynasty politics!

For sustainable growth and development to take place there must be equality among the people For birth is not a man’s choice, but an opportunity made available to him. Thus nobody has the right to look down at a man because of his birth, instead could help to elevate him in life. One cannot however accept any form discrimination on account of one’s birth caused by Dynasty politics. For it was the ethnic conflict that led to the bloody civil-war of three decades!

Sri Lanka, known as Ceylon, an island nation in 1948, shortly after end of WW II, gained independence without a bloody struggle. None then expected war in the paradise island, referred as the Pearl of Indian Ocean.

Unfortunately, the elite leaders in the country, dominated by the majority community began establishing a dynasty rule, that discriminated the minority communities. As the result country lost its paradise status and within a decade, saw the first ethnic riots in 1958.

With various forms of discrimination continuing, led to more uprisings from minorities. Thereafter many riots occurred at regular intervals and finally civil-war broke loose. A war the lost paradise was not able to afford; but the rulers managed to intensify at a heavy loss of human life and cost to the economy.

Fortunately, the geopolitical changes worked in favour of the aggressive rulers; and the civil-war was brought to finish in 2009. Thereafter with a decade long negative peace prevailed in the island, as the rulers were unable to reunite the divided communities. Thus it stalled the economic recovery and the ruins remained with heavy hearts of the minorities in the previous war zones for decades.

Most times its really hard to answer why these wars are fought. When the dust settles, the fire dies and the soil of the earth is no longer drenched with blood, we then ask why it happened in the first place. The simple truth is we only have bits and pieces. For there to be permanent peace, people must first be free of any conflicts.

Most Sri Lankans attribute the age old Sri Lankan conflict to ethnic and religious divisions in the country. Whereas, bitter reality is it was not the cause behind conflict; for it was the effect of Dynasty politics in the country.

This family politics, a familiar feature in the political landscape of independent Sri Lanka, cutting across race, religion, caste and creed. Sri Lanka began with the “Bothale Dynasty”; the next was the ”Horagolla Dynasty” and has come to stay in Sri Lankan politics is the “Medamulana Dynasty”.

In this scenario, the President from the third dynasty is calling for growth and development of people. For this the President as the ruler of the whole country, must first address the genuine grievances of the minorities. The ruled minorities should for their part, think out of the box to accommodate this dynasty rule as reality. To resolve all their problems the minorities must seek the power of the President, than waste their time seeking for assistance from overseas friendly nations!