‘Kili’ Raja Mahendran passes away!

Born with a silver spoon in the mouth, I remember still occasionally during the final year at school drive in his own car, that was ‘Kili’ Raja Mahendran!

Saddened by the news this morning on News Ist., of ‘Kili’ Rajamahendran passing away.

In 1965 after death of his father Rajendram, ‘Kili’ took control of the business, while I left for England in 1968 to read Engineering. After living overseas returned to Jaffna in 1986. Thus after leaving school went our own ways and never met, but followed his progress and today his family are the owners of The Capital Maharaja Organisation Limited and its subsidiaries.

In 1938, his father Sinnathamby Rajendram of Kokuvil with his school friend Subramanian Mahadevan of Moolai jointly started a business venture. In 1957, when his friend Mahadevan died and Rajendram acquired the ownership of all the joint assets and continued the business. Moolai Mahadevan, though married did not have any children to take on the business. Rajendram, however retained all staff employed by his friend, including many from Moolai.

As my senior at school known to us friends as ‘Kili’, because of his sharp nose. Living in the same lane in Kollupitiya, he would come down at weekends to play cricket with us at St.Anthony’s church compound.

Like many big business magnates fraction of the earnings are set aside by Capital Maharaja Organisation for the welfare of the poor classes in destitution and have over the years launched many welfare programs. Among the beneficiaries were his father’s business partner Mahadevan’s relatives, the Pilliyar Temple and the Cooperative Hospital in Moolai. There are still many from Moolai retained in the organisation pay roll as a mark of respect to Mahadevan of Moolai. A reflection of true partnership between friends. May ‘Kili’ Rajamahendran attain Moksha🙏