Sri Lanka struggle with Covid-19 pandemic!

Last April, 2021 in Sri Lanka, public health experts warned of an explosive spread of Covid-19 during the festive season; and called for at least travel restrictions to bring the situation under control, but no preventive action was taken by the state. People in festive mood, shopped, partied and travelled, freely, throwing caution to the wind. Infections surged; and so did the death toll.

Today, hospitals are finding it difficult to cope with increasing caseloads. The pandemic situation is taking a turn for the worse in this country; and fear is being expressed that the worst is yet to come.

In this sinario, many vaccination centers were opened in Colombo and Gampaha districts for Astra Zeneca second dose received into the country a day earlier. It was promptly administrated to many in Dehiwala area as part of that programme. As the residents, we thank the Dehiwala MOH staff and the security forces involved for a job well-done, congratulations!