Rulers must serve the ruled in time of need!

Or will affect many ruled generations!

The whole world knows that from 1842 to 2021, Britain and  Russia occupied Afghanistan and sought to take advantage of its strategic location in South and Central Asia.Finally, much of the trillions of dollars that have flowed through US war budgets over the past two decades have been spent on Afghanistan.

With the full commitment of the Afghans, the claim of a nation that has never been conquered has been thwarted by all the continuing imperialist attempts to dominate them. On the contrary, most people may not know that Afghanistan has been destroyed.

What is still incomprehensible is that Afghanistan has held the Belt & Road to the Chinese since its inception, and that the Chinese have been working quietly behind the scenes since Afghanistan provided $ 3 trillion in mineral wealth, which now leads to a recession, and this post-prolonged peace for the Afghans may help eliminate hell!

In this scenario, in Sri Lanka the Chinese have quietly been doing many things behind the scenes and is today reaping its benefits; while our politicians perhaps ignorant and are still unaware of its impact or been selfish to ignore the bitter truth that it will affect many of our generations to come!