Reverse brain drain, need of the Day in Sri Lanka!

With a New President and a new cabinet the country was in a full scale economic meltdown. It did not occur overnight, the writing was on the wall from the time governments waged a cruel civil-war against its economic, ethnic and religious minorities, that could have been easily prevented, had then leaders been less selfish and followed their religion properly.

Need to Reverse Brain Drain!

With the full grip of civil-war successive governments incurred heavy losses due to uncontrolled expenditure; made worse by the geopolitical tides, the natural disasters like Tsunami, cyclones, floods and now the Corona-19 pandamic itself.

Though Sri Lanka has one of the best medical facilities in the region; yet it failed to curb the spread of Covid-19. There were many reasons for this predicament and the health authorities cannot be blamed for it. This pathadic situation was caused by the citizens themselves electing selfish politicians to parliament, with below par capability.

With civil-war, there occurred a heavy brain-drain over several decades with many top level government servants fleeing the country or killed in the uprisings. Thus, today all governments departments and state agencies are manned by next best citizens.

In this sinario, to get out of the present mess the President has no choice, than to scout round the globe and recruit talented patriotic Lankan citizens to fill at least the senior and specialist positions in government state service!