Political culture change needed in Sri Lanka!

Sri Lanka, before independence was Ceylon, then no one of the country needed to separate themselves from national politics because of foreign rule. It is said that political culture is the combination of the people’s understanding of a country’s system of government and its activities and the factors that express it. Thus the Ceylon National Congress Party formed in 1919 for the political needs of the time was the first and last national movement of the country.

All the political parties that emerged in the country since independence have a very narrow view of secession, the division of national politics and the emergence of political groups that appear to be religious. The bitter truth is that the patriarchal parties in power are also included.

There is no doubt that this is what has done great harm to the unity of the country over time. Moreover today, it is no exaggeration to say that this is what has driven the people of the country in a different direction politically!

In this context, today the country is heavily indebted and the impact of the corona epidemic has been exacerbated by efforts of incompetent government.

In this scenario most people accept that the parliament today is packed with selfish, non patriotic politicians who act without thinking twice. Therefore, it is true that the new political culture of the people depend on change of heart to refrain from re-selecting these parasites. Therefore, party politics apart, it will do good for the country if the people elect quality patriotic politicians as their representatives at all future polls without any racial discrimination!