Rulers must equitably treat all communities respecting their culture and heritage!

Living in Sri Lanka, these golden words of Swami Vivekananda: “To change the world, change yourself first; world will change automatically” comes to mind.

Listening to our President’s recent speech at the United Nations August assembly, reminding the role of the UN was to respect all sovereign states, regardless of size or strength, respecting tradition; equitably with due respect for their institutions and their heritage.

To this end first leader of every member country in the UN should treat all ethnic communities in it’s country, irrespective of size or strength, equitably, and with due respect for their culture and their heritage.

In today’s Kali Yuga sinario can anyone expect this from their leader or for that matter from a head of any other country! Whereas, if all our heads of state since independence had done just that, Sri Lanka would have prevented a bloody cruel civil-war and yet flourished as a Buddhist Nation!