‘Navratri’- nine nights observed by Hindus!

Navaratri is a Hindu festival that spans nine nights and is celebrated every year in October. The Meaning of Navarathri is – Nava means nine and rathri means night. 
One interesting feature as a part of the celebration is the decoration of the “Golu”. Golu is a staircase having 9 treads, representing the 9 nights of Navratri. Every stair is decorated with beautiful dolls, and idols of gods and goddesses called Golu. These idols are curated with wood, marble, and clay. books and musical instruments are also kept at therefore of Kolu for worshipping. On the last day of Vijayadashami as per the rituals, one of the idols is laid to rest from the embellished Golu toys signifying the end of Navratri. 

This year it started on October 6th and ends on the 14th Thursday.. Most Hindu Tamils celebrate Saraswati poosai in their homes on the 13th – Wednesday. The last day of the celebration is called Vijayadasami,  which falls on the 15th of this month. Children, in most homes, begin to write the first alphabet for the first time with the blessing of Goddess Saraswati on this day. 

The nine nights are devoted in the following manner. The first three nights – To Goddess Durga – She symbolizes  Bravery.The second three nights – To Goddess Lakshmi – She symbolizes wealth,The last three nights – to Goddess Saraswati  – She symbolizes Education.

The Tamils are gratified in giving a religious and divine touch to these celebrations and are proud of following the principles enunciated in them accordingly.

Do not fight with your enemy by unethical means (follow ‘uththa Dharma’) Do not steal any property that does not belong to you. (earn wealth by honest means.) Do not destroy places of education. (Respect schools and libraries and treat them as Temples)

We wish that Goddesses РDurga, Lakshmi and Saraswathi Рwill grant all the wealth and prosperity to all. Hindu elders, in particular parents and grandparents should educate the significance of these celebrations to their children and youngsters.