Collective action needed from all Tamil speaking representatives!

Bitter truth is that today the Tamil-speaking people’s representatives are unable to work together due to lack of political foresight and ignorance of geopolitical developments, continue with their selfish short-sighted activities. From beginning all our politicians did not control their selfish short-sighted activities, instead they used it to for their political advantage and personal gains. We still see this situation persisting today.

When Sri Lanka gained independence in 1948, the country was a paradise. The British drafted a constitution fit for multi-ethnic and multi-religious country Ceylon, as Sri Lanka was then called. Unfortunately, the majority Sinhalese Buddhist nationalists ruled the country by ignoring the constitution, that discriminated the minorities. This led the Sri Lankan Tamil leaders to stage a non-violent struggle for a federal system of rule for almost three decades (1948-1978).

The rulers reacted negatively with exclusive rule and introduced a new republican constitution that was biased towards the majority Sinhala Buddhists. Disappointed with the outcome, the Tamil youths stagged an armed struggle for three decades (1979-2009) in the civil-war resulted in loss of many innocent Tamil-speaking people and destruction of life of others.

At mid point of this long struggle, in 1987 with Indian intervention a Peace Accord was introduced; with a half baked power sharing arrangement to resume the war. However government implemented the incomplete provincial council system with a merged North and East provinces.

When the civil-war was finally brought to finish with foreign intervention in 2009, the government divided the merged North-East provinces and today they are not fully functional. Due to another Indian intervention fresh elections for all councils are expected to take place in the coming quarter.

In this sinario, in particular the Tamil-speaking people must work to change this attitude from politicians representing them and to work together as a team. After all, only by accepting certain realities can we live in unity on the island of independent Sri Lanka inhabited by these multi-religious communities. Until our representatives accept this position, the sour relationship will only get worse!