Management of waste land as an entry point to develop Vali-West Division in Jaffna!

A seminar was held at Pradeshiya Sabha office, Chulipuram in August 2010 and presentations were made to the Vali-West Divisional Secretariat in September 2010 and to the first Northern Province Governor. In December 2010, the Governor conveyed his appreciations in writing for interest to develop Vali-West Division.

In 1986, returned back to Sri Lanka with my family to our home in Moolai in Jaffna. Earlier the ethnic conflict has escalated into an armed conflict in the 1980s and developed into a full scale civil-war. Assisted by friendly nations, the cruel war was brought to finish in May 2009; to silence guns of the Tamils with issues that caused the conflict were left unresolved, while over 200,000 perished and majority of whom were innocent Tamil civilians. With more than a million people displaced from war zone, most form today’s Tamil diaspora. With prolonged war much of infrastructure in the Peninsula and mainland got destroyed, left behind wanton destruction of lives and property of the North-Eastern population. 

Between 1986 to 1996, I lived in the peninsula to witness first hand enough of war miseries. Then managed a team of Architect and Design Engineers, with a staff strength of 35 completed many projects from design to construction. It included second phase of Medical Faculty, Conference Hall and Hostels for University of Jaffna, Market Complex for Point Pedro Urban Council and Library building for Hindu Board of Education, Thirunelvely. Everything was brought to standstill due to non availability of fuel and electricity by state imposed economic embargo in the peninsula.

From 1989 to 1990, I was a member of Jaffna Municipal Council Town Planning Committee. As Consultant for Dept of Agrarian Services, Jaffna, with peninsula agriculture activities in difficulties in 1990, unable to irrigate crops. renovated the largest irrigation tank in district – Ponnalai Perriya Kulam and two other tanks in Vali-West. The renovation was completed successfully with participation of farmers in five villages. Later in 2003 was Consultant to the National Water Supply & Drainage Board and prepared Jaffna Water Supply Development Programme.

Concept papers on development projects for various sectors in Jaffna were presented on management of waste land as an entry point to develop Vali-West Division. It was on management of waste land around 50 hectares in Cluster 3 – Chulipuram in the Vali-West Div Secretariat area regeneration programme.

As projects of this magnitude cannot be accommodated under the normal budget of Provincial Council, the Governor informed both the Jaffna District and Vali-West Divisional Secretaries to include the proposal to the project formulation team for inclusion in NECCDEP for Northen Province.