Happy Deepavali all!

Cultural event of Hindus World over.

Today is Deepavali, a festival celebrated by Hindus world over, but is an important day associated with the Tamil culture, such as Thai Pongal in January and Tamil New Year anniversary of Chithirai in April, all festivals associated with nature. https://northernbreeze.blog/2020/01/15/uttarayana-begins-with-thai-pongal-festivals/

In fact, solar energy, the lifeblood of all life, begins to decline today in the Northern Hemisphere, and Deepavali marks the first day of winter. Starting today, the period up to the Thai Pongal in January is cold, when animals goes into hibernation. During this time to keep people from slowing down, many activities are included in the Hindu culture for Hindus to practice.

Watch attached video clip to learn more on the facts about Deepavali a cultural event for Hindus World over. It gives a clear explanation about Deepavali and its relationship to nature: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJc16gpouuo

Greetings, Happy Deepavali to all!