Sri Lanka will prosper with good procurement procedures in place!

State must follow proper procurement procedures as per international standards!

True the tensions with China faced by Sri Lanka is sure to pass, but would still give some headache to the rulers. As a result of government’s hasty decision to introduce organic fertiliser; with even more hastly decision to import poor quality fertiliser, without following proper procurement procedures.

Bitter Truth is this practice is something that do exist in our country, ever since the introduction of open market system in the seventies.

Best advice for the government is for the sake of the country, to follow proper procurement procedures as per international standards. It will then put an end to inferior goods and services getting imported into the country; and go a long way to end corrupt practices, that has boomed with the civil-war.

In this sinario following proper procurement procedures would at least ensure that the country receives goods and services or works at the best possible price when aspects such as quality, quantity, time, and location are compared. It is the only available option for any rulers irrespective of their political goals to bring Sri Lanka back to prosperity!