Lankans may decamp to leave the shores that was once a paradise!

Rulers must accept reality that it a multi-religious nation they rule and offer all inclusive rule, to benefit all!

Sadly, Sri Lanka have been ruled by selfish rulers from the day country gained independence in 1948. As the country had a divisive rule alianating the minority communities; it created enemies within the little nation.

The rulers spent all resources of the country to wage a war against the minorities for over three decades. Though the war was brought to finish in 2009, the country ended with heavy loses of lives and destruction of properties.

A negative peace decade followed and today in 2021 the country is in debts to many nations. So heavily in debt that rulers have restored to mortgage or sell plots of the land to repay loans.

Under this sinario, choice left for our selfish rulers is to think fresh accept reality that the country is a multi-religious nation and offer an all inclusive rule. If not the country will sink further to a point where majority community themselves will decamp and leave shores of the island that was once a paradise!