LP Gas exploding needs to be investigated!

Sri Lanka does not have a gas regulatory body. Gas company officials said they have their own investigation units to conduct studies.

In Sri Lanka domestic gas leaks often happen due to poorly fixed or fitted regulators leading to leaks and gas tubes that are not replaced in time or damaged by pests, and if the user keeps the stove on without igniting, or due to substandard appliances.

A composition change in the LP gas cocktail – Butane and Propane – caused the explosions after the traditionally used proportion of 70:30 was changed to 50:50.

However,  there was no logic behind the allegation of increasing propane in the cocktail because it is the more expensive of the two gases.

In this scenario given the high incidence of gas explosions in Sri Lanka, it is to be welcomed that the Consumer Affairs Authority of Sri Lanka has received several samples from various parts of the country to test the quality of gas distributed in the country!