“One Country One Law’ feasible if…

It is possible to have “One Country One Law”, provided the laws are drafted to  have “Two Nations One Country” to enable the Tamils, as a people look after their own affairs.

While the proposal of “One Country One Law” concept of the rulers clearly confirm once again that Sri Lanka rule is still in the hands of self-serving rulers, who have collectively failed to provide holistic rule in the past several decades.

If past self-serving rulers had clearly understood and accepted democratic rule from the beginning, and different communities acted independently and patriotically without relying on the favor of the rulers or outside forces, our country could have avoided all the devastation caused by the decades long cruel civil-war. What is more, the island nation would have retained its status as the paradise in the Indian Ocean.

As the “One Country One Law” concept affects the Tamil minorities living in the country; it would be wrong to direct criticise the rulers of the day; for it is the slogan used to retain the high share of the majority community votes they hold at present.

It is no exaggeration to say that this is a good example of the saying that those living in glass houses should not throw stones. Therefore today we should stop blaming each other and encourage both sides to work together to find a solution to their problems accumulated since independence!

Unfortunately, the minorities fear that this policy would cause many new deepening issues; it is therefore not surprising for their representatives to openly criticize this concept.

Listen to Mr. M. Sumanthiran, the Leader of TNA team that toured West explaining to the peoples Representatives in Parliament on the tour: https://fb.watch/9JrElGouXW/

In this sinario, the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) are getting ready to discuss matters with the present government for a meaningful power devolution within a united country mandated to them by the Tamil people living the North-East Region in Sri Lanka; it is now upto the rulers to reciprocate positively!