Develop North East as a unit within Sri Lanka!

.. only option left for Sri Lankan rulers! πŸ‡±πŸ‡°

In Sri Lanka, the communities living in the North East Region have been greatly affected by the socio-economic impact of four decades of capitalist change introduced in 1977 and the three decades long civil-war, that was brought to finish in 2009.

There is no doubt that the Appropriation (2022) Bill passed in the Sri Lankan People’s Assembly will continue to deceive citizens, especially those living in the North-East! For so far no discussions have been held to resolve the socio-economic problems of the citizens living in this region affected by the civil-war.

Thus it’s only proper that economy of the North-Eastern region should be viewed separately without the whole country. Detailed studies done combining the impacts of capitalist transformation from 1977, the armed conflict to 2009 and decade long prolonged negative peace.

In this sinario, though integrated north-eastern region was separated back as two provinces, it would avoid many problems to consider the entire geographical location of the region affected by the civil-war a single unit. For growth and development of the people is the only available option left for the rulers to lift Sri Lanka back to its pride of place as a Paradise in the Indian Ocean!