Lankans make up mind to stay rooted in your motherland Sri Lanka!

A true Lankan has explained with 10 reasons that one cannot accept why we as people are trying to emigrate. To me what he said was more important than who he is and agree with him.

Today, as I set foot on my 77th year of life, observed that many Sri Lankans have forgotten that this their motherland, that was once called the Paradise in the Indian Ocean.

I emigrated from Ceylon in 1967 to complete my education to graduation; gain professional experience and to become Chartered Engineer in Mechanical Engineering.

Thereafter in 1986 returned to my home country Sri Lanka with a passion for life. This was in spite of all the turmoil brought about by the selfish politicians of all ethnicities.

In this sinario, listening to what was said by a fellow countryman will help us all to make up our mind to stay rooted for the benefit of the country, Sri Lanka that we all love!