Sri Lankans must unite to get sinking country out of it’s present mess!

The sad thing is for those of us who have knowledge of history, we really saw it coming and yet kept silent for many decades. From Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Modi and in our own country with JR, where we saw concentrating too much power on populist strongmen always lead to disaster. 

Yet, that is exactly to whom we have been voting for since 1977 selecting strong than wise leaders. Perhaps excluding 2015 when we opted for weaker and unwise man. As such for the mess we are in, one cannot blame others but only ourselves. As such we are today facing the consequences.

In this sinario, we as Sri Lankans must pool our heads together and think out of box to get the country out of the present mess; than keep blaming each other, as we have been doing for decades looking for scapegoats!