Sri Lankan Parliament top-heavy with many unpatriotic and selfish veteran politicians!

Thus, Sri Lanka a multi-ethnic and multi-religious country, is struggling to resolve the miseries of the people.

Sri Lankan homes are looking for light due to the power outage, and candles are one of the growing list of missing household items from supermarket shelves. That include milk powder, a favorite addition to a cup of tea, that is a national drink from the days the island nation was a British colony.

This is the plight of the ruled people today. At the same time, it is worrying that so many senior parliamentarians in all political alliances are involved in politics for selfish ends, rather than working together to solve people’s problems without partisanship.

Under this sinario nobody can rescue the ruled people in the country, but themselves. It is a fact that country can only exist as a viable nation, if ruled poor people identify these unpatriotic selfish politicians and marginalize them in future elections!