A political sewer need of cleaning!

In all the European colonies, an elite appeared, who accepted the culture, values and way of life of the colonialists. Upper caste aristocratic Indian elites in British India were immersed in many British ways. Yet they retained their religious identity and at most went only as secular.

Regrettably, top house in the country is a political sewer.

However in Sri Lanka the same class elite lived and converted; to whom at the end of colonial rule, the British ceded control of the country.

Considering the need for governance, many of these elite reconverted and became involved in racist politics. The selfish rulers of the day, thus failed to improve the country with racist rule.

We are well aware that country was economically devastated by the extraordinary situation that ensued for many decades and then how the economy was further aggravated to this day by the corona pandamic.

It is a fact that human society, as a nation, should be harmonious, as well as politically proud. Pride and pettiness in politics can vary from country to country. If we continue with sectarian politics our dreams of a true national independence will forever be just an illusion, a mirage for all Sri Lankans!

Thus, a new non-partisan culture is needed today in the country to recover from this grave situation. Our first task is to quickly identify political personalities who would actively cooperate and work together regardless of their ethnicity. As a people, it would be useful for us to be actively involved in this endeavor of rebuilding the lost paradise that Sri Lanka was many decades ago!