It was Dynastic politics that caused Ethnic conflicts in Sri Lanka!

Birth is not a man’s choice, but an opportunity given to him. Thus, no one has the right to look down on a man because of his birth, but rather to help elevate him in life!

Regrettably it was discrimination practiced by the dynastic rulers on the basis of one’s birthright that led to ethnic conflicts in Sri Lanka and the ethnic strife that followed led to a bloody civil war that lasted over thirty years to devastating consequences.

It is because, those in power from 1948 to 2022 have been always looking down at sections of population due to their birth.

Yet no one has the right to do that, nor did the rest ruled people protest to the rulers on these misdeeds. Sadly still the same dynastic selfish rule practice goes unabated in the country.

What is seen today in the country is that people are experiencing the collective karmic reaction on the whole nation!

Under this sinario, all Sri Lankans must accept their past selfish mistakes and create new rulers, who will respect all ethnic people living in the country thereby remove all the karmic reactions accumulated to date. That would enable people to celebrate all future National Days in a truely independent nation!