Tamils must work together to resolve all ethnic issues!

In 1948 the people of Sri Lanka were united as one nation through a balanced constitution with a security measure to protect the minorities.

To resolve issues you must be out of political party boxes!

Unfortunately in the last seventy-five years without any collective feeling the ruling majority community failed to create a shared identity to bind the people.

Today in 2022, the government in power  is struggling with plans and strategies to put the country’s economy on track. For which the government has received lifeless reactions from parliamentarians representing minorities due to its failure to address their ethnic issues.

To  neutralize the poisonous minds of the hate-ridden speakers inside and outside parliament, the Tamil-speaking members must think collectively to find solutions to the problems of all peoples to create unity in diversity.

In this sinario, to achieve unity it is essential that the Tamil representatives come out of their political party boxes to think and work together as a nation regardless of their political affiliations to resolve National issues left unattended by the rulers of all shades for over seven decades!