Sri Lankan rulers in a world of their own!

Sri Lanka since gaining independence in 1948 have had rulers living in a world of separation from the ruled; over time this style of living separately was extended to the leaders of different communities living in all parts of the island.

Unfortunately, as this tendency of living separately got worse year by year; and failure of the rulers to realise this basic truth of good governance, by 1977 caused a civil-war that lasted many decades.

In 2009, the civil-war was brought to finish at a heavy cost to the little island nation, with loss of many thousand lives and extensive damage to infrastructure and property.

However, the rulers attitude never changed and the distance between the rulers and the ruled widened. Today the people living in the island nation have isolated themselves not just by ethnicity, but by religions as well.

The net result was by 2022 the paradise island that Ceylon in the Indian Ocean is  Sri Lanka economically devastated and has ended up in bankruptcy.