Sri Lankans must help their nation to recover from its economic downturn

Every Sri Lankan must take full responsibility for distorting the paradise. What is needed is the maturity to grow out of petty party politics to rebuild a Nation fit for all communities in our little island!

In today’s context there are lessons to be learned by Sri Lankans, particularly the middle class people: Be it a dream home, dream car, dream life, bank balance, business will all become dust if country does not last. If they have property in the country their assets are worthless. If our leaders sell you out and run away, you may become a refugee in the next few minutes.

The morality of the story is build your nation, choose strong leadership, and
choose a leader who will stand up for you without seeking votes from those who seek free from leaders and bring you free goods. Whereas your country is your family, you need a father who will teach you to grow and take you to school. Therefore get ready to change the party political system that has been deceiving us past seven decades.

In this sinario, you need to dentify all talented patriots who are not racist in your constituencies; thereafter join in a concerted effort to send them to Parliament. Then do all that is needed to help mother Lanka recover from its present economic downturn.