Lankans interested in government than in politics cause of all ills!

It is said the future lies with those wise political leaders, who realize that the great public is more interested in government than in politics.

Most Sri Lankan rulers saw this brilliance in the ruled and it is a well-known fact that many selfish politicians among them used this political ignorance of the people to retain power to consolidate their position. It is this has caused the downfall of this country, that was once a paradise of the east.

Economically long suffering Sri Lankans are today protesting for the resignation of the President and his government. The government made various changes such as dissolution of the cabinet, the change of the prime minister and the appointment of the cabinet to deal with the spontaneous protests of the people.

The bitter truth today is that the unplanned economic situation and political turmoil in Sri Lanka, once described by many as the pearl of the Indian Ocean, have turned the economy upside down. To say that the reason for this was the political ignorance of most people it is not superfluous, but people are now wise.

Under this sinario, prices of various commodities are again on the rise due to tax hikes on various imported goods aimed at resolving economic problems. Perhaps only a mind change from rulers would help to regain the lost paradise!