Sri Lankans rulers need to come out of their blocked mind to enable all communities big or small to share this tiny island, without them living in their past!

Governance is the essential element of the state, and good governance is not merely the exercise of power; but also the duty of the rulers to safeguard the rights of each individual and the welfare of all; this successive Sri Lankan
governments since independence
have simply failed to do!

Unfortunately, all Sri Lankan rulers have spent their efforts and resources of the state to consolidate their position to continue in power longer; rather than resolving issues caused by them to the ruled. As the result of 75 years of misrule by selfish rulers the country is today facing its worst economic crisis.

With the rise of the Aragalaya protest movement, general expectation was that a small and interim all-party government would be formed to specifically deal with the economic crisis, stabilize the economy to conduct fresh elections. So far this has not so far materialized and life of the ruled continues to worsen with queues lengthening, prices rising and essentials unavailable.

It is a fact, that Sri Lankan ruled have been brave to face difficult times, in particular, prolonged civil-war, over lapped by Tsunami, droughts, floods and many other natural disasters. Civil-War distroyed the lives of the people in the North-East, the war zone; they suffered for decades, as people in the rest of the country continued with their routine life. But today with country facing its worst economic crisis, no one is spared and the whole nation is feeling it.

As the readership is mainly confined to younger generation Sri Lankans ignorant of what is going on at the centre as the feedback they get from media and politicians are biased on negative aspects in relation to life. This creates a mental block, that prevents them knowing the reality for the much needed change in the system of governance. For they do not realise that this is our land as much as it is to other communities living in this little island.

In this sinario Sri Lankans, need to come out of their blocked mind is so important; it applies to all our communities big or small to share this tiny island, without them living in their past!