What next in Sri Lanka?

Ceylon was a paradise even before Singapore was born and there is no denying that the island nation did benefit under British rule with the introduction of the modern education and a new administrative system. What is more they gave independence to the island for which the natives did not sweat nor spill any blood. Perhaps that was the reason that made the elite rulers to pursue an exclusive rule that got them into mess and today nobody else could be blamed for it than the selfish rulers themselves.

Today, Sri Lanka marks three months into the ‘Peoples Protest’ that crested two waves, and just within hours the final wave was crested giving a chance to the people to reinstate the good governance lost 75 years ago.

As we start another day, perhaps one needs to pause for a moment and thank God for providing another opportunity for us to prepare for a change; perhaps, if people are wise misrule will become a thing of the past in this island that was once a paradise in the Indian Ocean.

“What Comes Next“, as we start another day, perhaps give yourself permission to pause for a moment to prepare ourself for the change. Perhaps to end misrule and to begin good governance, let us listen to Mr. M.A. Sumanthiran, a people’s representative and legal expert on what needs to be done!

“If there are changes, they must be fundermental changes to the political culture!” says Mr. Sumanthiran.