Lankans to rebuild lost paradise need to rid of their selfish rulers!

Enough is enough – for never good governance possible with selfish rulers!

Bitter truth is our greedy rulers since 1948 have for their own political survival, pretended to act as the saviour of Buddhism. Moreover, incompetence rulers have led the country to bankruptcy today; as the result country has become playground for geopolitical actors from many countries.

Whereas, in a democracy, with 70.2% of the population identified as Buddhist, it is the 12.6% as Hindus, 9.7% as Muslims and 6.1% as Christians, who need protection, as provided in their first consultation of 1948. Unfortunately successive rulers have removed these protections from the present constitution.

Sooner these protections denied to all communities by the rulers to date in Sri Lanka are rectified the better for the Nation and its multi ethnic and religious people!